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It is one of those daunting chores that keeps getting put off. That is because it is not an easy task and past results were never wonderful. Yet those beautiful window coverings act as filters collecting dirt, dust, grime and bacteria from airborne containments that attack them from inside and outside through your window screens. You've tried scrubbing them in a tub, power washing or hosing them down outside. Yet all conventional cleaning methods seem to produce limited results and are time consuming.

Have you ever said "There has to be a better and easier way to do this"? THERE IS! Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning is a revolutionary technology also used and trusted by hospitals, dentists, jewelers, aerospace industry and many others that require deep precision cleaning and disinfection of delicate items.
Did you know no blind manufacturer recommends any of the conventional cleaning methods! Standard cleaners can damage finishes, stains and harm fine fabrics as well as cause extensive damage to blind components. Leave your blind cleaning to the professionals at Blind Cleaning Services.